How to Fix iPhone iMessages not Syncing On Mac

If you are an iOS apple user, you are very familiar with iMessage. You can send iMessage from your iMac or MacBook. It's very easy to manage time if you busy with mac. When we connect iMessage to mac, sometimes, we get error imessages not syncing on mac due to the iMessage credentials mismatch. Then you need to fix the credential issute to solve this problem.
In this article, I will guide you to fix iMessage not syncing on mac with easy methods which you can do it from yourself. Let see what are these methods.

Make sure to check iMessage setting are correct

You need to check iMessage setting on iPhone,
Go to Setting App on iMessage and tap on Message and Send & Receive > Under “YOU CAN BE REACHED BY IMESSAGE AT” >,
in there, your mobile number and Email address should be there.
And also check mark should in front of it. If it is not, you can add it by tap on there.

Make sure to Check your apple account details

Go to this URL
Login to apple account username and password.
Once you logged in Under account, your phone number and email should be there. If it is not there, add it and save.

Make sure to Turn off and Turn back on iMessages.

For iPhone, you can go to setting app > Messages > then there is a toggle to turn of iMessage, tap on it to turn it off. Then wait a few seconds and turn back it on

On Mac go to Messages app > Preferences > Accounts > Click Sign Out > Now use your login details and log in again after a few seconds.

Make sure to log in with the same user details on Mac

To check that, you need to open Message app on Mac > Preferences > accounts Click Enable this account > Select the email address and you registered with the Apple ID.

Hope one of the above methods works to solve your iMessage not syncing on mac issue. We would like to know which methods work for you to solve this issue. And also if you have any other methods to solve this issue, we would like to know it.